Michele Taipale

Coach, Consultant, Catalyst: Inspiring Professional and Personal Excellence.

Michèle is the Client Director for Western North America for Duke Corporate Education and is a Leadership Coach at the Wharton Executive MBA Program in San Francisco. She is a founding Coach of The Coaching Fellowship.

Michèle received her MBA from the Wharton School, an MA in International Affairs from the University of Pennsylvania and an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Montana. She is a fellow of the Lauder Institute and has been a member of Ellen Langer's Mindfulness Lab in the Psychology Department at Harvard University. Michèle is a certified Happiness Advantage Coach with Shawn Achor's GoodThink, Inc., and a certified Motivation Factor Practitioner. She is certified with The Coaches Training Institute. She has an extensive international background and speaks English, French, and German.

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. - Lao Tzu

Michèle Taipale is a creative and passionate advocate for human potential. A versatile and multi-faceted coach and consultant with an extraordinary range of experiences and interests, Michèle is a catalyst for excellent performance.

As a coach, Michèle brings compassion, intelligence, humor and energy, to help you evolve as a leader in both your professional and personal life. 

As a consultant, Michèle is committed to helping organizations improve the productivity, creativity, well-being and resilience of the workforce using solidly researched modalities for improving leadership and organizational health. With a mindful approach to motivation and transformation, she can help re-energize your company's most valuable asset. 

Michèle has had extensive experience facilitating strategic planning for multinational project teams and developing and delivering customized leadership and management programs for Fortune 500 companies. As an entrepreneur who has started a range of small businesses throughout her career, from animal training to management consultancy to a manufacturing business, practical experience helps her understand organizational issues from multiple perspectives.